MidMos Solutions presents BB ALERT® Passive

BB ALERT® Passive is designed to provide an ideal harborage for Bed Bugs. When the monitor is placed in proximity to potential feeding sites, the large number of small crevices it contains are highly attractive to Bed Bugs as a potential harborage. The monitor incorporates a white band around the exterior, which clearly shows the fecal staining of Bed Bug activity when the insects are present.

Early detection of Bed Bug activity is acknowledged as a key factor in reducing the disruption, cost and effort of remedial treatment. Bed Bugs are notoriously cryptic pests, with most infestations remaining undetected until they reach a significant size. The BB ALERT® Passive monitor is a discreet alternate to the labor intensive task of routine inspection for the presence of Bed Bugs.

The BB ALERT® Passive detector contains no moving parts or consumables and its simplicity allows it to provide continuous unattended monitoring for up to a full year, making it very cost-effective.

Although Bed Bugs feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals, they prefer to live in narrow spaces close to their host, such as cracks and crevices. When feeding, the Bed Bug becomes engorged and swells to accommodate the meal. This would prevent it from returning to the safety of its preferred harborage, and so it voids the excess water from its meal, retaining only the nutrients and solids. This leaves distinctive black sticky marks close to the resting sites.

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